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Are you ready to be part of the thriving trade industry?

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challenge warehousing employment
As we grow, we are looking for motivated people to fill our ranks in all areas of warehouse operations:

Warehouse Associates

General Laborers

Load and unload stock, for manual assembly processes, to package and label products, and maintain an orderly work environment. These positions require a moderate level of physical fitness for standing, walking, and lifting.

Skilled Laborers

Material Handlers

Materials handlers, forklift operators, and truck drivers. Tradesman trained in specialized mechanical repairs (automotive, refrigeration, pneumatics, etc.), too.

Administrative Support

Sales & Support

Sales and general support such as clerical, data entry, customer serivce, and accounting. Also positions specific to safety administration, inventory control, dispatch, and logistics.

Operations Management

All Aspects of Challenge

Our managers take pride in overseeing all aspects of the operation. This requires qualification and experience in team leadership and motivation, project management, budget, customer care, and enforcing safety controls.

Are you ready to be part of the thriving trade industry?