Challenge Enables Echo-Sign For Document Control

Challenge enables Echo-Sign for document control

Challenge Warehousing Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Adobe’s EchoSign to our product offering and as the service of choice for our contract/rate negotiation and approval process.

EchoSign is a web-based service designed to allow creation and routing of documents in electronic format. EchoSign allows defined and systematic routing for document reviews, negotiation, and approvals including the ability to capture e-signatures and change requests.

EchoSign is a robust document management system allowing several potential layers of review and notification during the negotiation and/or approval process. Additionally, it has the functionality to allow delegation in the event the primary reviewer/signer is unable to review/sign the document.

Document control is made simple using EchoSign and the management and archival of documents is easy and cost effective.
EchoSign is the next step to enable Challenge Warehousing Inc. to speed the rate and contract negotiation process and allow speedy responses to customer requests and needs.